VOX efekti - gitarske pedale i efekti

  • VOX StompLab IIG Gitarski Modeling Efekt Procesor

    Šifra: SL2G
    10.947,60 RSD
    13.137,12 RSD
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  • Vox StompLab IG Modeling Efekt pedala

    Šifra: SL1G Compact Pedal with Tons of SoundThe compact (yet feature-laden) Vox StompLab IG is perfect for musicians who want a ton of tones in a small space. Using the same sound engine as Vox's VT+ amps and ToneLab multi-effects units, the StompLab offers 100 gig quality presets for any style of music. An intuitive and easy to navigate layout makes the StompLab perfect for seasoned pros and beginners. You can create your ideal sound choosing from over 100 types of programmable effects. Cut down the gear clutter onstage with the Vox StompLab IG.Vox StompLab IG Guitar Modeling Effects Processor at a Glance:Easy layout lets you find your tones fastDesign your perfect guitar sound with a library of effect...
    8.280,00 RSD
    9.936,00 RSD
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